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The tools of collaborative communication

Did you know that? On average, employees receive 88 emails per day according to a study by The Radicati Group. These emails come from customers, service providers, partners, newsletters, but also mostly from internal collaborators to follow up on current projects, exchange documents, talk to each other to plan meetings.

So, how can we encourage employees and teamwork in this daily routine? This is the role of collaboration tools. Software and applications are either installed on your computer or accessible directly online. Their mission is to support employees in the implementation of projects. Work more efficiently as a team by synchronizing data (email, calendar, information flows, file modifications, customer databases, etc.) in real time.

The Usefulness of Collaborative Communication Tools:

Share documents: All employees can access files online anytime, anywhere (in the office or on the road, using computers or mobile devices).

Participate, collaborate and interact more effectively: With project management tools, you can collaborate remotely, so you don’t have to hold physical meetings.

 Evaluate different perspectives: Multiple employees can participate in the development of a document and leave comments to show their expertise.

But also:

  • They reinforce the culture of sharing among employees.
  • They contribute to improving work methods.
  • They improve productivity.
  • They reduce wasted time.
  • They bring employees together in a common digital space.
  • They save time in internal communication, without resorting to numerous email exchanges.

Which collaboration tool is right for your business?

There are various online solutions to ensure collaboration

For file sharing: Dropbox, Google Drive. These solutions offer to store data online and share files.

For video conferencing: Microsoft Office , Skype.. Video conferencing facilitates collaboration between your company and remote contacts

For project management: Slack, Trello.. These tools allow multiple users to plan and manage projects.

For corporate social networks: Facebook Work space… Corporate social networks are privileged places for both teamwork and the creation of social links between employees.

100% Algerian collaborative communication tools:

There are collaborative solutions 100% If you prefer a solution “made in Algeria”, Icosnet offers a wide range of collaborative communication solutions including:

  • ibox online sharing solution (link): it is a secure storage solution that allows online file sharing and synchronization. Collaborate freely and efficiently with your teams, regardless of distance.
  • Collaborative messaging I-MAIL (link): a work tool with unified communications that centralizes access to all your information: a storage space of 3 GB per mailbox, a Teamchat solution, instant messaging, calendar, contacts, task management, synchronization with Outlook, conferencing, etc.

  • V-ROOM videoconferencing solution (link): a videoconferencing and instant messaging platform. This tool has the advantage of being quick to install, intuitive and fluid to navigate.


Et vous , est ce que vous utilisez des outils de communication collaborative au sein de votre entreprise ?