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Outsourcing, a major challenge for modern companies

You spend 80% of your time on IT issues and only 20% on your business. Free yourself from constraints with enterprise outsourcing!

Each company is different, each one has its own particular needs, which can vary according to the sector of activity, the use, and the size of the company, the effectiveness of the computer park is however a common problem to all these structures, the data-processing management becomes a major stake for the development of these companies, indeed, a breakdown often has important repercussions on the activity of the company. On average, we estimate the time lost due to slowness on the computers at nearly 100 hours of work per year!

 What is outsourcing?

The outsourcing consists in externalizing the management and the exploitation of a part or the whole of its information system to a provider and thus to manage the data-processing service of a company by a person or a company external to the aforementioned company.

It is also called outsourcing, which will allow the company to devote itself to other activities without fearing possible acts of hacking or other computer bugs.


What are the main benefits of outsourcing?

  • Cost reduction:

If you choose to outsource your servers to your service provider’s data center, you benefit from all the advantages of virtualization, and you will only pay for what you actually use.

Your service provider defines with you the scope of its intervention, with units of work that allow you to budget your information system (amount of RAM, storage volume, number of users, bandwidth …)

  • Access to the latest technologies and expertise

By calling on a service provider whose job it is, you benefit from the expertise of a multidisciplinary team.

  • Flexibility

Virtualization and cloud computing give your business the flexibility and responsiveness that is difficult to achieve with an on-premise infrastructure.

Data security and reliability of the I.S.

Your data is hosted and backed up in state-of-the-art data centers, maintained at a high level of security. Your information assets are thus better protected against attacks, intrusions, or disasters.

 So why outsource your information system? Because it is

  • More economical
  • More simple
  • More flexible
  • Safer
  • More efficient

  To summarize,

The IT management is a major growth issue for any company, for that, Icosnet offers a complete outsourcing offer with several services: the continuous maintenance of the computer system, the security of the computer network and systems as well as the update of software and applications to optimize the performance of the computer park and many others according to ICS standards.

Entrust your servers to cloud professionals

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