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A secure place to host your servers and benefit from universal standards infrastructures.


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Number of U
IP address
Anti DDOS protection

Custom made configuration


Consolidated Security

Highly secured access via an access control system with badge and fingerprint readers.

An IP remote supervision system, provided by several IP cameras with recording archive.

A high performance automatic fire and extinguishing system with display of safety instructions.

High availability infrastructure

Double power supply with inverters.

Two redundant air conditioning systems.

A system of sensors for better supervision.

Efficient virtual infrastructure

HCI Hyberconverged platforms via Vmware.

Backup platform via VEEAM,

“SDN” virtual network management via NSX.

Guaranteed connectivity and bandwidth

Through the National network by two redundant 1 Gbps links.

Redundant connections to the internet network via submarine cables (SeMeWe4 & ALPAL2 & ORVAL).


Number of U

The “U” or “Rack unit” is the basic unit of the size of the materials installed in data centers.


Icosnet engages to ensure, for a Co-localized Hosting service, an annual availability rate of 99.99%.

Traffic and Bandwidth

No transfer limit on your equipment.

Anti-DDOS Protection

Icosnet protects your hardware against all types of DDOS attacks.

Frequently asked questions


It’s an outsourcing solution, about providing an environment for hosting customers’ servers. The customer brings the server and rents the storage space, and the host service provides physical security, power, dedicated internet connections, and cooling.

  • View your location
  • Racking your computer equipment
  • Connection to electricity and network
  • Starting up and configuring your equipment
  • Operational equipment
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