High speed Internet access

Need a high speed and powerful connection?

High speed  at ICOSNET is available with a wide variety of data rates and speeds up to 1Gb, providing high quality connectivity wherever and whenever you need it with consistency, flexibility and speed.


Symmetrical speeds 100% guaranteed

Fiber optic solution or conceded cable.

Monitoring for better visibility.

Fast and easy installation and maintenance.

Included fix IP address

99.95% availability rate.

Frequently asked questions


A high speed internet access (or broadband internet access) is an internet access with a higher speed than ADSL accesses, which can go from 2 MB to 1Gb

It is an internet connection 100% dedicated to the customer, through a symmetrical line offering a downloade speed equivalent to the upload speed.

A WAN (Wide Area Network) is a network covering a large geographical area. Your modem sends and receives information to and from the Internet via its WAN port

LAN (Local Area Network) refers to the devices connected, by Wi-Fi or wired connection, in your home or office. This is your personal network. All your computer, phone, tablet and router together make up your LAN

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