Private Network

Confidentiality and security guaranteed

ICOSNET’s private network is an interconnection solution that allows to establish specific configurations and promote a secure environment within the network. This allows to interconnect multiple sites, ensure data and application availability, and increase performance.

Why choose the ICOSNET private network ? ?


Guarantees SLAs


Secure data


Adaptation to your needs


High availability infrastructure at the central core of the network

Unlimited secure Internet access with DDOS protection - level 1-,ISP

Secure connection to the private network from any terminal

Integrated firewall to protect your data and users

QoS with flow prioritization

Confidentiality of your data assured

Reliable multi-access connectivity for all your needs

Frequently asked questions


A private network is a network internal to a company. This type of network can be configured so that devices outside the network cannot access it.

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) IPSec (IP Security) is a public network transiting the Internet. It allows communication between several sites and individuals in an encrypted and secure manner.

An MPLS (MultiProtocol Label Switching) infrastructure is a private end-to-end network that does not transit the Internet. The risks of intrusions or security breaches are less important than with an IPSec VPN network. On the other hand, there is no Internet-related slowdown.

A firewall is a security system consisting of a simple program or a specific machine, which serves as a protective filter between a computer or a private network on the one hand, and the Internet on the other.

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