EndPoint Protection

Extend your company's protection beyond just antivirus!


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Multiple policy support
Malware detection using Deep Learning
Exploit and anti-ransomware
Control (Web, App, Device, DLP)
Threat cases
Live Discover and Live Response
Data storage on disk with quick access

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Protection with deep learning

Get better security than ever before by using deep learning capabilities to detect known and unknown malware without relying on signatures.

A single console to manage your security solutions

Configure and manage all your tools in one place. SOPHOS Central allows you to manage all your Sophos products,


Inspire trust

A very high level of security with Next-Gen protection to ensure your endpoints are protected.

Reliability and speed

All the knowledge and skills to offer you the best service to ensure the security of your data.

Technical support

A team of experts at your disposal to assist you with all your requests.

Online payment

No need to go anywhere! Use your CIB or EDAHABIA card to make your online payement.

Frequently asked questions


An endpoint can be a laptop, a smartphone, a server, as soon as a device is connected to a network, it can be considered an endpoint.

Endpoints are perceived as the front line.

Endpoint security consists of detecting malicious activity to protect computer networks (servers, computers and mobile devices) from intrusions and malware attacks.

It is imperative that companies secure these devices as a priority to protect their networks.

Buyers should look for a solution that offers a combination of modern, often called “Next-Gen”, and fundamental approaches.

Core Features:


Application Lockdown;

Behavior supervising / host-based intrusion prevention system  (HIPS);

Web Protection ;

Web Control ;

Data leakage prevention (DLP).

Next-Gen Features:

Machine Learning;



Protection against credential theft;

Process protection (elevation of privileges) ;

Process protection (Code Cave);

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response).

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Anti DDOS protection

Network & web application protection