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How to store and share your data online safely?

The future of computer storage seems to lie in data centers at the expense of individual storage units (hard disks, optical disks…)

According to the “Data Age 2025” study by IDC analysts, 174 zettabytes (or 174 billion terabytes) is the amount of computer data that humanity will have to store by 2025. The basic and practical floppy disk of the 1980s will be nothing more than a vague memory and optical disks (CD, DVD, Blu -ray) are almost a thing of the past.

Every day, millions of people around the world take photos, record videos, create documents and texts… In total, 1.145 trillion MB are generated daily.

So, more and more people are interested in online file storage and sharing, which is what we present in this blog.

How Online Storage Works: 

In its simplest definition, Online Storage is storing electronic documents on remote servers via the Internet. By automatically synchronizing with your workstation, you can save changes to your documents almost instantly.

Online backup has the ability to create a copy of your data. Therefore, the storage system requires the user to send information to the data server. It can use a tablet or a computer, either iOS or Windows. The device then sends this information to another machine. The user then accesses the document via an online backup app on their computer or smartphone.

In a cloud computing environment, a network of connected servers enables file storage and sharing. To ensure the availability of information systems, this storage model consists of duplicating data on several physical machines.  The data is then stored in data centers located in different regions. This makes the information available even in the event of a hardware failure. Usually, the main location is close enough to the user to improve the transmission speed. If you choose Icosnet; your data will be stored here in Algeria in our 2 data centers located in Algiers and Oran.Fonctionnement du partage des données en ligne : 

Share files easily via online storage service platforms.

Unlike email attachments, which are limited in size, you can send large files, share photos, videos and documents with everyone involved.

You can also simply share the link of a shared folder with the appropriate recipients or create a group, a list of recipients and invite them to access your shared files.

How do you do it? Just send a share link via email, SMS or chat. Anyone who has it can view or download it.

All data modifications are instantly synchronized with all members. The latter can therefore see or view the latest version recorded. Even if they don’t have an account with any cloud service provider.

Cloud services operators provide a centralized platform that is accessible to all professionals on your team. This allows employees to add, edit, and organize documents to work efficiently on the same project with ease, thus enabling effective collaboration even from a distance. The document owner can decide which permissions (read or write) to grant to recipients. In addition, shared links can be password protected – time limited – download disabled and other options.

The benefits of online file storage and sharing in the cloud:

While the benefits of online file sharing in the cloud may appear in the ledger, other benefits are less obvious:

  • Lower costs:

Traditional data storage requires you to invest in hardware that is necessary for your business to run smoothly. As your business grows, the cost of new servers and additional storage can quickly become prohibitive.

With online file sharing and cloud storage, you can add storage as needed.

This flexibility allows you to adjust your investment as needed rather than being forced into inflexible and expensive investments.

  • Team file sharing:

As companies become more and more adept at telecommuting, employees are not always in the same place at the same time. With team file sharing, cloud services allow everyone to stay connected to their colleagues. Streamline your business operations by sharing information quickly and efficiently, Employees in different time zones can work from the same version of a document at different times. You no longer have to worry about having multiple versions of the same file, which could result in data loss.

  • Simplified data access:

Today, users often have multiple devices connected to the Internet. Synchronizing your data in the cloud makes it accessible from any of these devices. Transferring data from your work computer to a USB stick in order to work from home can become unnecessary as well as the need to send important documents by email. To take this a step further, you also have access to your data in case of unexpected needs. Access your data from anywhere with an Internet connection and a simple Web browser.

This solution can work as a backup, as it avoids the risk of hardware failure and the loss of data or personal files.

Finally, finding a reliable solution for file storage, synchronization and sharing will help you increase your productivity as an individual, but also the productivity of your business and the satisfaction of your customers.

Icosnet via our IBOX solution, guarantees you the security you need by storing your data in Algeria at its two data centers and allows you to improve the productivity of your employees.

With IBOX, you have access to your data from mobile devices, Macs and PCs at any time and in complete security.

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