Collaborate, Share, and Store Your Data Securely

iBox is a secured storage solution that allows you to share and synchronize files online. Whether you're a business or an individual, you can collaborate freely and efficiently with your team, regardless of distance.

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interface web

intuitive web interface

Nextcloud graphical interface is very pleasant, intuitive, and the different menus are easy to understand.



Our offers are not limited, so you can save your files without limit.



Allows you to automatically synchronize your data to always have access to the most recent versions


Secured data sharing

This allows you to securely share your documents internally or externally with ibox users or by creating a download link.


Data hosting in Algeria

All your data are hosted in Algeria at the Datacenter of Icosnet.

Restoring document

This allows you to restore your deleted documents


Encrypted data transfer

ibox provides real protection for your data, whether sensitive or not, end-to-end encryption, and continuous monitoring of the platform.


Anti-DDOS protection

Our solutions comply with the standards in terms of security and reliability: anti DDOS

Anti virus and anti malware

Our solutions are compliant with the standards in terms of security and reliability, anti spam, anti virus.


We provideskilled assistance via the number: 0982 400 303.


Hosted in Algeria

All your data are hosted in Algeria at the Icosnet Datacenter.

Practical collaboration

Powerful collaboration tool, with a very useful interface to share files with your collaborators, your customers and your suppliers.

Automatic synchronization

Automatic synchronization of your data to access the most Up to date versions.

Secure sharing

Internal or external sharing of your documents in complete security by distributing them to a user/group of users.

Packs IBOX sur devis

Online payment

No need to go anywhere! Use your CIB or EDAHABIA card to make your

 online payement.

Frequently asked questions


All customer data are hosted in Algeria within Icosnet’s DATACENTERS.

To access your ibox account, simply

– Click on the ibox access URL: https://ibox.icosnetcloud.com

– Enter your username and password.

You can change your ibox password at any time: Access your ibox account, in the banner at the top of the page, on the right, click on your profile. In the menu that appears, click on ”settings”, then click on ”security” in the left column, enter your current password, then enter a new password, and finally click on ”change password”.

Yes, a share can be limited in time.

Yes, you can create a password to protect your share.

You can track the storage space consumed on your ibox interface, on the left, click on ”File”, in the menu that appears, you will find at the bottom the amount of your storage space used.

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Install your servers in a high-performance datacenter.

Collaborative Messaging

"Pro Email" based on your domain.