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6 500 DZD /HT /Mois /Licence

Soit 7 735 DZD/ TTC

  • Gestion des appels entrants (Répondeur, mis en attente et boite vocale)
  • Gestion des appels sortant automatique et manuel
  • Enregistrement des appels
  • Serveur vocal interactif
  • Outil de supervision en temps réel
  • Outil de reproting (statistique en temps réel et historique)
  • Interface unifié multicanal(Réseau sociaux, mail et SMS)
  • Editeur de campagne et d’agenda
  • Répertoire personnalisé et historique d’appel
  • Outil de Scripting
  • Maintenance technique
  • Editeur de rappel personnalisé
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Incoming call management
Automatic and manual outgoing call management
Call recording
Interactive voice server
Real time supervision tool
Reproting tool (real time statistics and history)
Unified multi-channel interface (social networks, email and SMS)
Campaign and calendar editor
Personalized directory and call history
Scripting tool
Technical maintenance
Custom callback editor

The Characteristics

Better management of incoming and outgoing calls

Manage your communication with your customers efficiently with our feature-rich solution. Automate your outbound calls.

An all-in-one platform

Phone, SMS, email, web form, chat. Manage all your customer conversations on a single platform regardless of the communication channel.

Manage your activity in real time

An interface rich in indicators to control and monitor the activity of your agents and optimize their performance in real time.



Get all the functionalities of a call center with a cloud-based solution without any infrastructure costs.


Inbound and outbound calls and different communication channels to increase the efficiency of your agents and improve your customers' experience.

Technical Support

A team of experts at your disposal to assist you and answer all your needs.

Online payment

No need to go anywhere! Use your CIB or EDAHABIA card to make your payment online.

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Frequently asked questions


A call center is a business function that handles inbound and/or outbound phone calls with customers. A cloud call center, is a call center whose technology is in the cloud and is hosted and supported by a third party provider (ICOSNET).

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