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Your data deserves a second chance, our VPS Backup is worthy of your trust.

Give your data a second chance.

The backups are done automatically by our systems, Icosnet guarantees the security and protection of your data which will be stored in an independent space within its DATACENTERS.


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Disk space
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Softaware Application
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Disk space
Operating system
Data retention time
Type of backup
Softaware Application

With our vps backup service, icosnet guarantees you

Online payment

No need to go anywhere! Use your CIB or EDAHABIA card to make your online payement.



All your data is replicated on an independent disk.


You don't have to plan or back up your data, it's automatic!


Catering taken care of by our technical teams.

Backup VPS sur devis

Frequently asked questions


Operation which consists in duplicating and putting in safety the data of the customer in a space independent from its server in order to recover them in the event of breakdown or of a loss of data.

Shared hosting simply means that several clients share the same physical web server “the same resources and OS.”

Shared hosting means that your site will share the same server with many other sites.

This is usually the cheapest option. VPS hosting is significantly more robust, offering features you won’t find with shared hosting, and it is the most expensive. It is recommended to choose shared hosting when: you run a small business and you don’t expect major growth and/or your site is quite small. It is best to choose VPS hosting when: your business is medium-sized or larger, and/or you generate a high volume of traffic, and a lot of disk space and bandwidth will be needed.

The VPS (virtual private server) is a virtual server that appears to customers as a dedicated server, they technically share a server, but they get a dedicated share and each with its own OS, and its own resources: CPU, RAM, storage capacity.

All customer data are hosted in Algeria at the DATACENTER of Icosnet.

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