IP telephony

Telephony for professionals!

Full functionality for an optimal experience!

Improve your internal and external communication and gain flexibility and accessibility with a wide range of features!

Whether you are a small or large company, take advantage of the features of our IP Telephony solution available at a click!

Simultaneous calls

phone call

Appels en simultanés

transfert d'appel

Call forwarding to mobile (unlimited)

Outgoing calls - Masked number

appel rejets

Call rejection

Soft phone


Conference call

Call history


Self care portal access

What other functionalities can you add?

Access different functionalities and adapt your offer to your needs by activating the services of your choice via your customer interface.

Voice mail


Don't miss any more calls!

Stay in touch with your correspondents even if you are out of contact by receiving your voice messages via your mailbox wherever you are.

Interactive voice serverOptimize

500 DZD TTC / Month

 your telephone reception with a professional IVR and allow your customers to interact in real time with your voice menu to meet their needs.

Trunk sip


Manage higher volumes of inbound and outbound calls by increasing your number of simultaneous call channels for unlimited communication.

Call forwarding to mobile (unlimited)

50 DZD TTC / Month

Don't miss any more calls!
Stay in touch with your correspondents even if you are unreachable by receiving your voice messages via your mailbox wherever you are.

Reporting interface

 3000 DZD TTC

Track all your communications and team data in real time on a single dashboard for better tracking and visibility.

Favorite numbers

250 DZD TTC / Month

Define your favorite numbers and benefit from advantageous rates for your communications.

Outgoing call restriction

50 DZD TTC / Month

Restrict outgoing calls to prevent certain types of calls from your phone.


Cost reduction

Save drastically on your telephony costs by implementing our IP telephony without installation or maintenance fees.


Instantly accessible from anywhere. Make and receive calls at the office or on the road via your soft phone


A totally portable IP telephony, keep your numbers and your phone system where you are on the whole national territory.

Personalized offer

Customize your offer according to your needs and activate the functionalities of your choice from a simple phone line via your self-care portal.

Online payment

No need to go anywhere! Use your CIB or EDAHABIA card to make your payment online.

More informations ?

Frequently asked questions


Voice over IP or “VoIP” for Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technique that allows the transmission of telephone communication via a network that accepts the TCP/IP protocol such as a local network or the Internet.

Setting up an IP phone system is instantaneous, you can start calling with an application you download to your computer. From there, you can customize calling features, such as call forwarding and answering machines, from a simple online portal.

Icosnet assigns you an IP number which is based on the SIP protocol. Our range is 09824xx xxx. It is a non surcharged Algerian number.

IP phone

Soft phone ip

IP-PBX with SIP 2.0

Cisco call manager

Avaya Inc

Getaway SIP /fxs

Contact Center Solution

Conferencing equipment example (ALCATEL, Yealink, Polycom)

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High speed internet

High speed guaranteed 100% symmetrical


SMS via platform or API